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Registration Information


Entrance Requirements

Any child, regardless of race or creed, is eligible to be enrolled in St. John’s Preschool.  The child must be between the ages of  two and a half to four years on or before September 30.  Children enrolled in the Three or Four Year Old Classrooms must be toilet trained.  The child must be in good health and submit a signed statement from his/her doctor that he/she has had all the necessary immunizations.   Upon payment of the registration fee, the parent or guardian agrees to complete and sign all the necessary forms for the child’s file at the school.  A staff member must see an original birth certificate and make a file copy for each enrolled child.


Registration Fee

A registration fee is to be paid when the caregiver submits the Preschool application.  This fee is not refundable should the caregiver cancel.






The tuition fee is figured on an annual basis, payable in nine monthly installments.  The first tuition is due by August 5th and will be applied to September.  Thereafter, tuition payments are due by the fifth of the month, September through April.  Tuition is paid one month in advance.  Parents are responsible for the delivery of payment, not children.  No tuition will be refunded and a thirty day notice is required for withdrawal.


4 Year Old Classroom: 4 day program (Monday, through Thursday) – $255 per month/Reg Fee $75.00


3 Year Old Classroom:  3 day program (Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday) – $220 per month/Reg Fee $75.00


2 ½ Year Old Classroom: 2 day program (Monday & Wednesday) – $150.00 per month/Reg Fee $75.00

Checks should be made payable to: ST. JOHN’S PRESCHOOL.


Please feel free to contact Alissa Jones for further information using the Contact Us form or call 886-1500. 

Pre-arranged visits are always welcomed.  

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